The photographer has been chronicling the world around him on film, and lately digitally, since his junior year in college in 1979. Since then he’s considered photography his primary medium of expression. Self taught, he considers much of his best work happy accidents, although over the years he’s managed some measure of control over his craft, as well as a somewhat identifiable aesthetic.
Never quite comfortable with commercial photography, he’s happiest as an observer of everyday life, and finds his best inspiration when thrown into new and foreign environments.
He cites as his most important photographic influences Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, W. Eugene Smith, Robert Doisneau, Josef Koudelka and his personal mentor, Domingo Aviado, whose image can be found in the Portraits section, lighting a cigarette under the dramatic glare of a ca1981dumpsterdiverrousel slide projector.

Sean earns his living preflighting digital files for an offset lithographic printing company, where he’s worked for fifteen years, and supplements it as a graphic designer.

Additional explorations of the photographer’s portfolio can be pursued either at, a vanity project he designed and constructed from scratch (play the music, it’s part of the experience), or at, where he’s know as “berwynsean”.